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Gina Trochiano was born in Brooklyn, raised in Staten Island and currently resides at the Jersey Shore. Healthy living has always been her way of life. Throughout her adolescence, she was involved with competitive dance, cheerleading, and gymnastics. Once Gina entered her college years, she shifted gears and began concentrating on building a career in the stock market and later telecommunications. To meet these career goals, Gina had to travel from New Jersey to Manhattan every day for five years. However, she always made sure she found time for a workout. Soon, Gina went back to doing what she truly enjoyed. She started her own personal training business and worked out of her house. Getting more involved with weight training and began to see the changes in her clients’ bodies as well as her own. One day in 2007 while flipping through a magazine, Gina saw an ad for a Pro/Am Bodybuilding and Figure show in up-state New York. She decided on a whim to compete for thefirst time. She took on this challenge alone without any help from anyone. The next few years were a quick and amazing journey as she climbed to pro. She competed in just three shows before winning her pro card in September 2009 at Team Universe. Gina has grown within the fitness industry on many levels and she is eager to continue her streak of success. Gina is more than just a competitor now; she is the owner of Gina T Enterprises LLC, home of GLT Shaping Systems, Forever Fit Coaching, Glam Gear and Destination Glam Squad.

Gina Lee Trochiano is committed to helping non-competitors athletes realize their fitness goals at high and healthy level with GLT Shaping Systems. Forever Fit Coaching is geared more for competitors and workshop shops throughout the country for diets, training and posing for Figure, Physique and bikini competitors. Destination Glam Squad is a Nation wide Glam booking company; DGS provides all the components you need to look your best. Lastly while working hard it best to keep it Glam in Gina T's Glam Gear women's athletic wear clothing line retail store featuring Bia Brazil.

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Business Women Of The Year 2011

I have known Gina for almost 3 years and she has had a profound impact on my life. She represents the very definition of inspiration. Although Gina could very well have had a successful career on Wall Street; she chose to develop a personal training business from the ground up. What sets Gina apart from others and makes her so extraordinary, is her unyielding pursuit of her vision and her courage to be the best, but more so, to not let others settle for complacency within themselves. Gina is so proactive with enabling others to actualize to the best that they can be.She epitomizes that age holds no restrictions on one’s ability to succeed. That there are no short cuts, just the desire to push forward past when one’s body wants to quit and in that moment…find one’s desire to break through the barriers that have previously held them back, and Succeed. Gina is so much more e than a trainer and a business woman, she is a Motivational Life Coach

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The amazing part about Gina’s success story is that what really motivates her, is motivating others. She invests 100 percent of herself in others every day. Gina Trochiano doesn’t just have a successful fitness career and personal training business, she has the success stories of countless men and women … Gina knows how to build self-confidence, inspire greatness and go beyond the ordinary. She helps empower women with courage, determination and a winning attitude. For many of us this is a truly life-changing experience and I think that is what Gina’s true talent is; changing people’s lives for the better

.-Elizabeth Baldwin



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