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Glam Tip….How To Look Pretty in Photos 

Tired of getting caught looking less than fabulous in photos? Shelley GoodStein, author of Face This: Real Advice From Real Models, Photographers and Makeup Artists On How to Become Picture Perfect, believes there’s a science to making the camera your BFF. Here, she shares her top tips for scoring your best profile shot ever. 

Smile for the camera!


Bat those lashes

The focal point of a profile picture is always the eyes–so make ‘em pop. For a natural look, you can’t go wrong with cream or taupe eyeshadow. For more fun, try sheer washes of color with a soft sheen, which will add light to your peepers. Don’t forget liner for definition, curled lashes and mascara!

Instantly whiten teeth

Nothing lights up a photo like a pearly white smile. For a quick brightening, use this model trick: after brushing, rinse your tooth brush, dip it into hydrogen peroxide for 30 seconds, and then brush again. Hydrogen peroxide not only lightens teeth, it kills germs and heals canker sores.

Show off luscious lips

A contrast of  lipcolor looks great in photos, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Lipgloss looks best as a highlighter dotted down the middle of your lower lip and outlining the cupid’s bow. Unless it’s Halloweenm, steer clear of glitter in photos, which can add an unnatural glare to your face.

Go for a solid color

When it comes to clothing, patterns and prints can confuse the viewer’s eye, and stripes can make you look wide (Yikes!). Try a vibrant shade like red, purple or blue to enliven your eyes and convey confidence, or rely on basic black for a sleek, elongated look.

Embrace lightweight fabrics

Wondering why the camera adds 10 pounds? It’s likely the fabric you’re wearing. Stay away from bulk-adding sequins, corduroy, terry cloth, flannel, taffeta, velvet and angora sweaters. Say yes to lighter, matte materials made with cotton, silk or lycra.

Legs for days

Work those stems! Heels help define your calves and give your hips a little exaggerated curve, while nude shoes that match your skin tone will make your legs look longer. If you have a cute pedi, don’t be afraid to kick off your shoes and go barefoot–it makes you look approachable.

Make it about you

The background shouldn’t overpower you; go for simple and clutter free. Make sure that objects behind you don’t look like they’re growing out of you. A stone wall, leafy green nature and interesting spaces, like under a doorway or to the side of a window, all set the stage for you to dazzle.

What’s your look-cute photo secret?

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