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Become a DGS Glam Certified Professional Affiliate at T.G.I.  

You will be guided through the details of what goes into a customized spray tan; the best way to spray your clients for their individual needs; and the most effective and efficient tanning techniques.  You will also learn how the skin works with the sunless process, and the different types of tanning options offered by DGS including body contouring and Latex Body Painting.  Additionally, you will be trained on how DGS will advertise and market your spray tan business, tips for client retention, as well as self-promotion.  After completing our detailed hands-on training course, you'll be Glam Certified! 

What you will learn...


Learn how to apply customized, beautiful spray tans, while mastering the DGS equipment. We will teach you what goes into a setting up a spray tan and how to spray perfectly every time. In addition, you will learn everything you need to know about your equipment -- from setting it up to taking it apart for cleaning; how to best transport and store your equipment; as well as troubleshooting. We will teach tanning considerations for Hair/Makeup as well.  You will learn how to troubleshoot any potential on-the-job mishaps so you can fix the problem immediately and get back to spraying without losing the client. You will practice spray tanning on actual people to ensure the best and most accurate training. This introductory, but comprehensive hands-on training system is a 3 hour course.


Everybody knows starting a business can be stressful.  DGS ensures that your new venture will be exciting and you will be well-prepared to have success without all the stress!  We will provide you with all that is needed to get started and set up your studio or salon,(if spraying in one location), or on-location/in-home mobile tanning business:  your spray tanning equipment, a gallon of our Sunless Tanning Solution (provides 50 full body sprays), company liability insurance, Client History and Skin Type Forms, and business cards/promotional materials. Your new Custom Spray Tan Business will be complete and ready-to-go!

WHAT YOU WILL GET when purchasing a DGS starter kit.  You can start your own business and become a DGS affiliate now!

DGS Tanning Business Starter Kit Includes

      • Business Email
      • Book Now Button on Social Media Pages
      • Book Now button on personal page website
      • Logo Changing Tent
      • Overspray Fan
      • Spray Gun and Compressor
      • Solutions Starter Pack
        • Training Solution
        • Post Spray
        • Prep Spray
        • Flawless Faces
        • Allure
        • Champion
        • Olympian
      • 50 Business cards
      • 25 DGS Post Cards
      • 1 Car Magnet (Commercial Insurance Needed)
      • 10 Pairs of Clean Feet
      • 5 Disposable Thongs
      • 10 Hair Nets
      • Training DVD


We can set you up with your own company website displaying your contact information, tanning care section for your clients to review, before and after photos and testimonials.


Sit back and relax as we take care of helping attract new clients for you. Your business will be provided with 50 business cards, 1 car magnet and in-store signage (if you have a salon.)  Monthly advertising and promotions will be done by our marketing team, and we can create social media platforms for your business, as well as serve as the administrator to all your pages and profiles.  These days, word travels fast and before you know it you will be booked with appointments!  Run your tanning business effortlessly as we do the Advertising work for you!


We realize you are extremely busy, and may need help in marketing your business and running promotions.  Let us provide you with some peace of mind! Each month we will post monthly discounts and promotions, and can create and run social media platforms for your business.  You can focus on running your business as usual and tending to all your new clients while we do the marketing for you!


Pen and paper bookings are a thing of the past!  We can set you up with a user-friendly booking system to keep track of it all.  Our system provides an efficient structure for keeping track of your clients and business, running detailed reports and preparing for your taxes at the end of the year.  Clients love the convenience booking services online, 24x7. Now you, too, can offer your services booked directly online using our system:

  • Your customers can view your availability in real-time
  • Your customers can book and pay online
  • Allow customers easily book repeat appointments
  • Send confirmation emails and SMS reminders
  • Offer personal appointments, group events and worskhops
  • System is embedded within your own web site
  • Easy bookings on-the-go with the mobile devices

Contact us now for more details and get started earning $$$ doing what you love!